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For the past 9 years, several state and local agencies have joined together to host the annual Trauma Informed Care Conference. Each year, the premiere conference has brought together over 500 diverse participants representing a wide array of service providers. This year's theme, "Breakthrough!  A New Kind of Storm!” continues to use the "Storm" as the analogy for "Trauma" as with previous year's themes.   A breakthrough is something that changes the course of your life going forward and ensures that things will never be the same for you again. For the past several years, COVID-19 has been the new storm for us.  COVID-19 has been a human, economic and social crisis and continues to substantially affect mental health among adults and children. 

Through innovative and thought-provoking sessions, it is our expectation the conference will stimulate the process of reclaiming hope and navigating our new normal. This includes inspiring hope that survivors can and do recover and thrive, practicing self-care to better connect with our clients and others, and applying principles of Trauma Informed Care to respond effectively and prevent further trauma.


This is a “Virtual Conference”. You will need appropriate equipment to participate (i.e. laptop, desktop, etc...)*. You will be required to sign into our Zoom virtual platform by entering your name. Workshops require attendee interaction to verify attendance, chat, Q & A sessions, etc....


*We ask that you do not use a cell phone as this may limit your interaction, which may impact your ability to verify your attendance and receive continuing education credit.


The target audience includes those directly or indirectly impacted by trauma, including but not limited to:


  • Mental Health and Addiction Professionals

  • Social Workers

  • Marriage and Family Therapists

  • National Certified Counselors

  • Juvenile Justice Personnel - judges, counselors, administrators, probation officers

  • Educators - teachers, administrators, counselors

  • Domestic Violence and other advocates

  • Parents/Guardians/Foster Parents/Resource Parents

  • Community and Faith Based

  • Peer Support Specialists

  • Survivors and family members 



Click here to register

For all other questions or concerns contact Jackie Chatmon at

The fee for the conference is $135.00. There is not a daily fee or other reduced fees.


Cancellation must be made before 9/20/2023 to receive a full refund.  All refund requests must be made in writing. Substitutions are allowed.  Refunds will be made after the conference.


  1. Each person must log in using their first and last name as their profile name. This should also be the name you use when registering.

  2. As attendees log in and out for each session, it is documented with a time stamp.

  3. You will not receive CE credit for a session if you log-in more than 10 minutes after session starts or leave more than 10 minutes before session ends. 

  4. Moderators will be available to monitor attendance at sessions as well as chat room activity.

  5. A confirmation code will be given at the end of the session for Social Workers.

  6. Evaluation completions will be verified along with time stamps and before CE Certificates are granted.

  7.  A link to the evaluations will be posted after each session. We highly encouraged you to complete the evaluation immediately following the session.

  8.  Following the conference, you will be asked to submit a Statement of Attestation Form (confirming your attendance to sessions in its entirety). A link will provided on the 3rd day of the conference to submit the statement.

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